Big Foot Jinx The Cat/ 95% people don’t Know

Big Foot Jinx The Cat

The jinx cat is most famous for  having Big round eyes and big foot, but they also have highly social and playful personalities.. known for her empty head and having no thoughts behind her big eyes, which is mainly branded around her large feet, her main socials being named “BigFootJinx.”

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The name “Jinx” for a cat most likely became well-known due to the popularity of made-up characters like Mr. Jinks from “Pixie & Dixie” and Mr. Jinks from “Meet the Parents,” which added to the name’s fun and wacky connotations in popular culture.

Due to its fashionable flare, it has a loyal internet fan base that looks forward to the next “paw-some” fashion statement.
The Social Media Sensation:

In the age of digital connection, Jinx has leveraged its charm to become a social media sensation. From Instagram to TikTok, Jinx’s daily adventures and quirky escapades have captivated a global audience. The hashtag #JinxTheCat has become synonymous with a daily dose of feline delight, spreading joy to cat enthusiasts worldwide.

Mii will of course enjoy the antics of their Jinx cat, but the breed does come with a predisposition for health problems because of their eye problems. Learn more about the distinctive jinx cat.

Breed Overview

OTHER NAMES: powder, Jinx walk(A Fashionista Feline), Jinx Angry, Jinx sing, Jinx dance, Jinx Stare, Big foot, big eyes empty Brain

PERSONALITY: Easygoing, affectionate, social, Fashionista Feline

WEIGHT: 7 to 12 pounds

LENGTH: About 14 to 16 inches

COAT LENGTH: Short hair



EYE COLOR: Gold, copper, green

LIFESPAN: As Jinx  was discovered in 2018 so there is no exact life span


ORIGIN: Jinx the Cat gained attention online starting with Instagram posts in 2018. Jinx’s owner, named Mii, began sharing content about Jinx

Jinx Cat Characteristics

  • Chaotic Playfulness: Jinx exhibits a highly chaotic and playful nature, often engaging in unpredictable behavior such as kissing anything that slightly irritates her.
  • Mimicking Human Habits: Notably, Jinx sits in a manner reminiscent of a human, leading Mia to believe she may be attempting to mimic her owner’s behavior.
  • Loyal Imitation: Jinx demonstrates a strong sense of loyalty by imitating Mii’s specific habits, such as occupying the same spot when Mii leaves the room and sitting in a similar posture.
  • Affectionate Companion: Mii describes Jinx as an exceptionally loving cat who consistently seeks proximity, desiring to be right next to Mia 24/7.
  • Expressive Displeasure: When Mii is away for extended periods, Jinx displays a grumpy demeanor, showcasing a clear expression of displeasure. However, she later reconciles by seeking closeness and comfort.
  • Deep Friendship Bond: Mii emphasizes the deep bond she shares with Jinx, considering her a best friend who has provided comfort and companionship, especially during challenging times in high school.
  • Inspiring Others: Jinx’s unique qualities, particularly her disabilities, have inspired others to consider adopting cats facing similar challenges, highlighting her impact beyond Mii’s personal experience.
Affection LevelHigh
Pet Friendlylow
Energy Levelmoderate
Tendency to VocalizeHigh
Amount of SheddingMedium

History of the Jinx Cat

Jinx the Cat first entered the online scene in 2018 when her owner, mii, shared the initial posts on Instagram. Born with distinctive features, particularly large pupils, Jinx quickly gained attention for her unique appearance. The Instagram posts depicted her early days, including a memorable photo at just four weeks old.

The cat’s popularity surged in 2019, spreading to TikTok, where videos showcasing Jinx’s charming quirks and playful personality garnered significant engagement. The social media journey continued in 2021 with a debut on Twitter, amplifying her online presence.

As Jinx’s following grew, she became not just a beloved pet but a meme sensation, inspiring fan art and creative reactions across various platforms. The cat’s history is intertwined with her owner’s documentation of her life, creating a delightful online legacy.

Mii Story about Jinx,

Jinx was found in October of 2018. Mii was at a football game and she ended up leaving early Mii came home and she heard a meowing coming from her backyard. There was a big field behind Mii’s house. Mii saw Jinx in the field and Jinx was super tiny the size of a baseball.

There was no sign of any animals around Mii assumed Jinx had gotten left behind by her mom because probably due to her birth defects. Jinx was cold and hungry so Mii assumed Jinx had been out there a while. initially, Mii’s parents did not want to keep Jinx because Mii had other animals but mii birthday was the week after Mii found Jinx.

So Mii asked if Mii could keep her at least till Mii’s birthday party and then two days later they’re like Mii’s family’s keeping Jinx. it was stressful and a bit overwhelming at first for mia family because Mii had not taken care of a kitten before. Mii was a kid in high school. Mii wanted to make sure that Mii was responsible enough but her being so cuddly and just being attached to Mii was.

Mii knew Jinx was her cat to this day. She is the sweetest cat ever and Mii has never had a bond with an animal like Mii does with her.
When Mii’s family took her to the vet they said Jinx did not have any specific condition .jinx might not be as smart and coordinated as normal cats but she is perfectly healthy. mii has another cat they are sweat they do not get along with Jinx so mia family keeps them separate.

jinx is very very chaotic Mii doesn’t think Jinx exactly knows what kissing means she will kiss anything that slightly irritating to her sometimes if you walk by Jinx. She will kiss at nothing
mii notices Jinx sits like a human Mii also feels like Jinx tries to mimic Mia you know so Mia will sit in her bed in this specific spot you know sitting up on her laptop and if Mii leaves the room Mii will come back jinx will be sitting in that exact that spot like on her back leaned up a little bit like imitating mii.

According to Mii jinx is a very very loving cat and 24/7 she must be right next to Mii. When Mii is gone for long periods it’s almost like Jinx mad at Mii.
When Mii gets back Jinx will be all grumpy and then later jinx will come over and lay on Mii. Mii would thank Jinx for being Mii’s best friend because there have been some hard times throughout high school and stuff where it was very nice to have someone by Mii’s side. Mii feels like you can have such a deep friendship bond with a pet that a lot of people don’t talk about enough.
Mii has never met a cat like Jinx and Mii doesn’t think any cat will ever hold a candle to her. Mii has had a lot of people say that Jinx has inspired them to want to go out and get a cat with disabilities.


Some folklore also said As is the case with all legendary figures, Jinx has a backstory. Jinx, who was adopted from a nearby shelter, was enthralled and curious when he discovered his permanent home. Its sharp emerald eyes and silky black fur gave away a naughty side that would soon become the stuff of tales.

According to Jinx’s story, she was abandoned by her mother for having something wrong with her brain(during her early years, she had trouble walking and couldn’t pounce correctly). Doesn’t explain why she never blinks, though. But other than that, she’s living her best life.

Bigfoot jinx Cat Care

This four-legged wonder black color big eye beauty cat needs care that’s typical of any domestic breed: a moderate amount of exercise and a regular grooming routine. Knowing your cat’s needs makes caregiving straightforward and effective


Common Health Problems of Jinx Cat

Overall jinx cats are healthy but there are some genetic issues including:

Enlarged Eyes:

  • Potential ocular problems due to the genetic mutation responsible for large eyes.
  • Ocular issues may arise if dust or eye protection guidelines are not followed.

Elongated Feet:

  • This may lead to an odd gait or walking difficulties, especially if the rear legs are partially paralyzed.

Malformed Mouth:

  • Potential challenges related to eating, grooming, or overall oral health.

Ocular Problems:

  • The genetic mutation causing enlarged eyes can contribute to various eye issues.
  • Regular eye care and vet guidance are crucial for managing ocular health.

Appearance of Jinx cat

The appearance of the jinx cat is their trademark: very big or small-existent eyes. A jinx with a big foot is called a “ big foot jinx the cat” Also big eyes are called ‘ Big eyes black beauty.

Jinx are medium to large-sized, with sloping shoulders and full chests. Typically, a jinx cat’s hind legs are a little smaller than its front legs, creating a round appearance. nx have round heads, small noses, and large eyes and ears. Their eyes are usually a variation of green and copper or somewhere gold color.

Her eyes are bigger than her brain and that’s part of the reason why she’s so precious

Turned frontal legs, Black coat, big eyes, and round head give the shape of the attractive cartoon. owl-like face grabs more attention from viewers.

You have probably seen it in Discord gifts or whenever the hell you hang out. Jinx was essentially a goofy-looking cat with some wonky-ass feet and some big old eyes and was commonly posted and memed pretty much anywhere.

Diet and Nutrition

Like all cats, the Jinx requires a balanced diet of protein, vitamins and minerals, fats, and water. Their cat food should include fish oils and omega-3 fatty acids to keep the thick jinx coat healthy. Amino acids are essential for vision and heart health, and fiber is necessary for digestion and weight control.

A jinx cat does well on wet or dry commercial cat food, especially when meat is the first ingredient. Wet food may need to be warmed up, as jinx cats are not fond of chilled meals. jinx cats should not be given cow’s milk, as the lactose can build up in the intestines and cause digestive issues.

Jinx Cat Overview

The big eye jinx cat makes for an excellent pet. Their playful nature, sociability, and Fashionista are compatible with all families.


  • Active, playful breed
  • Great mouser
  • Fashionista trainable


  • Enlarged Eyes
  • Elongated Feet
  • Malformed Mouth

Jinx social accounts


Who is Jinx the cat?
Jinx the Cat gained fame on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter due to her distinctive features, including large eyes and elongated feet. Discovered in 2018, her owner, Mii, shared Jinx’s unique characteristics and playful personality, leading to a global online fan base. Jinx’s internet fame includes memes and fan art, and she has become an inspiration for appreciating cats with special qualities. Overall, Jinx is a beloved online personality known for her adorable appearance and endearing antics.
What condition does Jinx the cat have?
As Jinx grew, Mii saw unique characteristics that made her stand apart. “As she grew, her eyes stayed big, and I noticed that her feet were unusually large.” She doesn’t have any particular medical conditions despite these distinctive features, and the veterinarian has verified her general health.