Maru Japanese cat/ Mugumogu Cat /Guinness World record

Mugumogu Cute Cat Maru

The Maru Japanese cat is most famous not only on YouTube but Also overall on the Internet,  they also have highly social and playful personalities.

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These golden-eyed, round cats originated in Japan, The Mugumogu cute cat is also a Guinness world record for the most YouTube video views of an individual animal. Maru has been described as the “most famous cat on the internet”. Maru owners will of course enjoy the antics of their Maru cat.

Maru Cat Overview

OTHER NAMES: Maru Japanese cat, Box cat

Born: 24 May 2007

Gender: Male

Breed Type: Scottish Straight

Owner: Mugumogu

PERSONALITY: Easygoing, affectionate, social, playful, Sweet, friendly, Clam

WEIGHT: 8 to 14 pounds

LENGTH: About 14 to 16 inches

COAT LENGTH: Short hair

COAT COLORS: White,  brown, black strep

COAT PATTERNS: Bicolor, solid, tabby (among others)

EYE COLOR: Gold, copper variation

Age: 16.5

Reason for popularity: most viewed on YouTube, Guinness World Record (Internet celebrity cat)


Maru Cat Characteristics

Maru cats are friendly and smart, and they love to hunt. They are known to Box cats and Maru Japanese, but their hunting instincts don’t translate to an aggressive temperament toward humans.

Maru cats are excellent jumpers, which may make for some frustration, but remember the Maru cat’s playful nature is a gift. The Maru cat has a wonderful personality and makes a great, affectionate addition to Mugumogu.

Affection LevelHigh
Pet FriendlyHigh
Exercise NeedsHigh
Energy LevelHigh
Tendency to VocalizeHigh
Amount of SheddingMedium

History of the Maru Cat

Maru uses the user name Mugumogu to share her videos. Seldom does one see his owner in the videos. The films have English and Japanese title cards that set the scene and describe the happenings. Maru is frequently seen playing in cardboard boxes, as seen in his debut video, “I love a box!”

Movies of Maru are compilations of short movies, often ranging from three to seven minutes, showing Maru doing different activities. The title card of most videos indicates the main subject or action. In these movies, Maru displays his creative brilliance and intuition, along with his calm demeanor, playful antics, and curiosity about boxes.

The owner of Maru took in Hana, a kitten, from a veterinarian in August 2013. Maru and Hana got along great throughout the two-week trial period, therefore Mugumogu decided to adopt Hana.

Another kitten, Miri, was adopted by Maru’s owner in November 2020 after being saved from a storm drain by a neighbor.

Maru was included in an article by Entertainment Weekly’s “Notable Kitty Videos” with Keyboard Cat and Nora. Maru was referenced and photographs of the cat were used in a New York Times piece about dogs and cats in the media. The Fresh Step YouTube channel has included Maru’s videos in their ad. Maru has also appeared in commercials for a variety of goods in Japan. In Japan, Maru’s channel has the seventh-highest subscriber count as of December 2011.

‘In March 2017, Maru was certified as the most viewed animal on YouTube.His videos have been watched a total of 535,935,278 times as of 3 July 2023.’

Maru cat (Scottish straight) Traits

General Appearance

Maru cat (Scottish Straight) are medium-sized cat with an overall round appearance. They retain a sweet, kitten-like disposition throughout their lives.

Coat and Coloring

Maru cat (Scottish Straights)  shorthair. shorthairs have dense, plush hair that stands away from the body.

Distinctive Physical Traits

Maru cat have rounded heads, adorable, wide-open eyes, and broad, short noses. Their ears are small to medium with rounded tips. They have rounded, well-padded bodies and medium-to-long tails that are flexible and tapering.

Reason for Maru’s Popularity (Why is Maru the cat so popular?

Maru the cat has become incredibly well-known due to many endearing and distinctive traits that have won hearts all across the world. Here are several major explanations behind Maru’s enormous popularity:

  • Adorable Antics:
    Maru is well-known for his charming and lively nature. His interactions with different items have proven to be very interesting, especially his fascination with boxes.
  • Box Obsession:
    Maru’s love for boxes is a defining characteristic. His playful exploration, jumping in and out of boxes, and overall enthusiasm for these simple structures have become iconic. This quirky behavior sets him apart and adds a touch of humor to his videos.
  • Charming Personality:
    In his videos, Maru’s personality is evident. He is described as charming and cheeky, and spectators find him endearing. He is likable and entertaining to watch because of his lighthearted attitude and the obvious satisfaction he gets in routine tasks.
  • Internet Meme Status:
    Maru’s videos have achieved meme status on the internet, with various gifs and memes circulating across social media platforms. His distinctive appearance, combined with his funny and endearing actions, has made him a meme sensation.
  • Consistent Online Presence:
    Maru’s owner has maintained a consistent online presence through platforms like YouTube, where regular updates and new videos are shared. This consistency has helped build a dedicated fan base that eagerly anticipates each new release.
  • Cross-Cultural Appeal:
    Maru’s charm transcends cultural boundaries. His videos have garnered attention not only in his home country, Japan, but also internationally. The universal appeal of adorable cat behavior has contributed to his global popularity.
  • Media Recognition:
    Maru has been featured in various media outlets, including Entertainment Weekly and The New York Times. Such mainstream recognition has further boosted his fame and introduced him to audiences beyond the online cat-loving community.

 Mugumogu (Maru Cat) Social Accounts




What kind of cat is Maru?
Scottish Straight cat Maru. In particular, he is a male Scottish Straight born in Japan on May 24, 2007. The breed known as the Scottish Straight is distinguished by having straight ears as opposed to folded ones. Maru has become a well-known online celebrity cat thanks in part to his breed, endearing demeanor, and unusual antics.
Is Maru the cat a girl?
No, Maru the cat is not a girl; he is a male cat. Maru is a male Scottish Straight cat born on May 24, 2007, in Japan. His charming and playful antics have made him a beloved internet sensation, and he has been widely recognized as one of the most famous cats on the internet.
How much money has Maru the cat made?

The Maru cat known for loving boxes has starred in two books, a DVD, and a few commercials in Japan. Today, Maru banks $230,000 a year from YouTube’s partner’s program, a book, merchandise, and endorsement deals in Japan.

Who is the owner of Maru the cat?

The owner of Maru the cat is known by the online handle “Mugumogu.” Mugumogu is the individual responsible for capturing and sharing Maru’s delightful and entertaining moments on various online platforms, especially YouTube. While Mugumogu is rarely seen in the videos, they play a crucial role in curating and presenting Maru’s charming antics to the world. The decision to maintain a certain level of privacy is common among content creators, even those who share the lives of their pets on the internet.